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NCSPlus Incorporated is an Accounts Receivable Management firm, working to recover slow and delinquent accounts for over 35,000  companies, institutions, and medical practices throughout the country. The NCSplus Cash Recovery System increases recovery rate, lowers collection costs, and improves cash flow.

Unlike most collection agencies, NCSPlus charges only a low one-time flat fee of less than $25 per account. No Percentage is Charged. All collected monies are remitted directly to you -- not to the collection agency, or if you prefer, we'll handle all of the debtor contact for the same Low Flat Fee per Account. At your option unpaid accounts are reported to all three national credit reporting bureaus, and if the need arises, we maintain an extensive network of collection attorneys nationwide to bring your cases to final resolution.


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Good News About
   Bad Accounts

NCSPlus collects delinquent accounts and bad debt for clients in all fields of business, commerce, and healthcare, and is sponsored by over 500 trade, business and professional organizations for use by their members.

Highlights of the NCSplus System

1. The Best Value in the Industry. No matter the age or the size of the balance, our entire fee is always less than ten percent, sometimes as low as one percent of the monies recovered. There is no "hidden percentage" charged after collection. 

2. A Recovery Rate That Is Over Twice The National Average. NCS' unique flat-rate system enables you to recover up to twice as much money as compared with percentage based collection agencies...because our fee is the same regardless of the balance outstanding, or how old the claim is. NCSPlus works all of your accounts -- including smaller and older claims. Our fixed-fee structure permits Cash Recovery System users to turn over accounts at a significantly earlier aging period which substantially increases recovered dollars. 

3. Direct Pay - Gross Remit To You. All recovered money is sent directly from the delinquent to you, not to your collection agency. NCSPlus does not interfere with your cash flow. If you prefer NCSPlus will handle all debtor contact and debtor payments all for the same low flat-fee per account.

4. Is It Easy To Use? Absolutely! You supply only the debtor's name, address and balances due, in lists, on computer tape, on NCSPlus Claim Forms, or on-line through our web site - no cumbersome copies or backups are required. The completely computerized NCSPlus system provides you with monthly progress reports on all active accounts. Accounts are easily reviewed and updated. 

5. Are Delinquents Reported To Credit Bureaus? If you wish, NCSPlus will report persistent debtors to Experian, Transunion, and Equifax credit bureaus. The debtors will be given ample warning. There is no fee charged for this important service. 

The Cash Recovery System

The superior solution to accounts receivable management

The Cash Recovery System is a two-step accounts receivable management program that is effective and economical. 
  • In its first phase, YOU PAY NO COMMISSION and YOU KEEP 100% of the money recovered. 
  • If necessary, the secondary phase provides intensive collection services for accounts that don't respond to phase one.
  • Use this program to:
  • Maintain control of your accounts receivable. 
  • Recover your past due accounts, consumer or commercial. 
  • Reduce your administrative costs. 
  • Increase your cash flow. 
  • Deal with problem accounts ethically and diplomatically. 
  • Encourage debtors to make regular payments. 
  • Keep the lines of communication open between you and your debtor. 
  • List persistent debtors with all three national credit reporting bureaus.

  • The Cash Recovery System begins with a unique Audit Letter sent to confirm the outstanding balance. Professional telephone collectors then follow-up to make sure the Audit Letter was received. This high intensity personalized approach is designed to eliminate account disputes and maintain customer goodwill. Unpaid accounts receive a series of four additional collection letters, including a letter from an attorney, in which the debtors pay you directly and you pay no commission on the money you receive. Unpaid claims are immediately listed with Experian, Transunion, and Equifax credit reporting bureaus. Debts that remain outstanding may be transferred, with your approval, for more intensive action into our Secondary Phase where trained telephone collectors contact your debtors to effect payment, or if necessary, initiate legal action to recover your money. 

    With the Cash Recovery System:

  • You get professional collection services for less than ten percent per account. Debts collected through the intensive collection process are subject to a competitively priced commission. 
  • You can submit debts of any size. 
  • Paperwork is kept to a minimum by submitting debts via the INTERNET, NCS's easy-to-use claim forms, or by using your own computer printouts, tapes, disks or copies of ledger cards. 
  • At no charge, you can receive up-to-date information about your collection accounts via the INTERNET. No additional software or fees are required. 
  • We also: 
  • Report persistent debtors to the Experian, Transunion and Equifax Credit Reporting Bureaus to make sure your account is paid.
  • SKIP TRACE your accounts to locate errant debtors. 
  • Litigate your accounts to a final resolution.


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    Collect More Money,
       Faster, For Less!

    ** "Our fixed-fee collection agency, NCSPlus, brought us nearly $300,000 while charging us less than $1500. It was as though a percentage based agency offered to do the collections for a fee of less than 1%!" - Patricia Adiletta, Credit Manager, New York Magazine.

    Collection Agency
    The Fixed-Fee Philosophy

    ** "Using NCSPlus allows us to concentrate our efforts on the most productive accounts. We're able to minimize our expense and maximize our return." - Usha Patel, V.P., American Health Labs.

    Collection Agency
    The Best Option

    ** "We consider NCSPlus to be a valuable adjunct to Value Line's in-house staff, rather than an expensive option of last resorts." - Harold Read, CFO, Value Line, Inc.

    Collection Agency
    Includes Powerful
       Credit Reporting

    ** "Having delinquent accounts reported to Experian, Transunion, and Equifax is what we were looking for. NCSPlus does it for us...and at no additional cost." - Nancy Otero, Bursar's Office, New York University.

    Collection Agency
    The Declining
       Value of Money

    ** "Reasonable rates, tenacious service and high recovery percentage represent the cornerstone of our program providing collections on delinquent accounts for Professional Independent Insuance Agents of Illinois (PIIAI) members. The program is being provided by NCSPlus, one of the nation's leading collection service/accounts receivable management firms."

    "NCSPlus fully complies with all state and federal collection agency licensing laws and requirements. NCSPlus has the capacity to contact a debtor up to five times. If the debtor still has not fulfilled his/her obligation, NCSPlus will report to Experian, Transunion and Equifax at no additional charge." - Mark Kuchar, CPA, CFO Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois."

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    At NCSPlus, we are dedicated to making the collection process as easy and effective for you as possible. Our professionals will help and advise you, and our customer service team is just a toll-free phone call away. Please contact us today.

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